Stand-Out Brand Messaging 

Be the voice that stands apart from your competitors. Our Brand Messaging Specialists refine your brand’s voice so you attract your ideal clients and customers.

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Get Unstuck
With Clear Brand Messaging.

Are you feeling stuck when it comes to your brand’s message? It happens to business owners frequently, but don’t worry. Our Brand Messaging Specialists use a number of tools to pull the perfect story out of your business.


Journalistic style interview


Two-step editing process


Intuitive writing and interviewing


Value-centric writing style

Why Your Brand’s Voice Matters:

Right now as we write the copy for our own website, there are almost 2 BILLION websites! Of those, about 200 MILLION websites are active. No matter your industry – if you have competition, you have to stand out from the crowd.

Are you a life coach? So are about 71,000 other people. What makes you different?

Are you in marketing? So are about 10 million other people. What makes you stand out?

The hospitality and tourism industry is projected to grow to over $4.5B in 2022. What are you doing to ensure you get your piece of the pie?

Brand messaging gives you a chance to earn the trust of your prospective customers and clients – and it gives them a chance to really connect with your brand in an authentic way.

81 percent of consumers said that they need to be able to trust the brand in order to buy from them. (Edelman, 2019)

77 percent of consumers buy from brands that share the same values as they do. (HavasGroup, 2019)

Building trust with brands since 2014.

What’s it like to work with Powers Digital Marketing?

Powerful Messaging

We assign a powerful brand messaging and marketing coach to work alongside your team to ensure your brand is showing up consistently and powerfully to draw your ideal clients and/or customers.

A Unique Partnership

We work alongside your brand or team. This could look a number of different ways. Our team of writers could work with you on one-off marketing projects such as website copywriting – or we could build an entire campaign and implement it from start to finish.

Our voice.

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