Women Business Owners
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We’re glad you’re interested in joining Women Business Owners Supporting Women Business Owners where you’ll connect with women entrepreneurs around the planet. Unlike other Facebook groups, I don’t want your email to SPAM you with my services. If you need digital marketing and we’re a good fit – that’s great. If we’re not, no harm done. I genuinely just wanted to create a community of women that was all about helping each other out instead of SPAMming each other and posting ads 24/7. If you want to help others, or you need a little help, we’re your community. If you want to encourage other women on and need a little cheering yourself sometimes, we’re your group.
You might be asking, “So – WHY do you need my email address then?” I’m so glad you asked! We’re putting together small satellite conferences that will feed into a large conference in Orlando. With that being said, money is required to put those together. In order to keep your ticket cost down, we need sponsors. Sponsors need to know who they’re sponsoring. So, emails will go out to you about these conferences and we’ll let you know who is sponsoring in those emails. While we love Facebook, there’s no way to ensure that all of you are getting all the information you need without collecting your email addresses. If there are any updates in the group, those will also be emailed. If you are still interested in joining our group, we would be glad to have you! I’ll do a welcome post once you’re in the group (usually once per day.) The most important thing you can do if you want to remain in the group is read the rules. Maintaining a group that has high integrity is of utmost importance. We hope you find this group as informative and helpful as the other women in the group have. Welcome, welcome, welcome!