Tips to Use Thumbtack to find a Digital Marketing Specialist

Thumbtack has proven to be a great resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to find quality contractors, freelancers, and digital marketing specialists for their needs. It allows you to tell what you need, review free quotes, and then hire a professional. If you are ready to take your business to the next level and need to get started marketing your products and services to your audience, here are some great ways to make Thumbtack work for you.

Be specific and brief – As it was written in Hamlet, brevity is the soul of wit. One of the most helpful things you can do to get the attention of quality marketing professionals on Thumbtack is to briefly provide specifics on what you are looking to accomplish. When you provide detailed information on your business, your audience, and your desired goals it will make your request on Thumbtack stand out and get attention of specialists looking to make you a quote. Since only five people can send a quote per request and they have to pay each time they make a quote, you want to make sure you are attracting someone who can help you based on your needs. If you find it difficult to provide details and to be brief at the same time, using bullet-points can really help you keep it simple yet still be comprehensive.

Be goal oriented – A tried and true method for being successful on Thumbtack is to make your goals clear from the start. When marketing specialists can clearly understand what you are looking for in terms of deliverables, they can get a better idea of whether the job would be a good fit for all involved. It also gets their wheels turning on the best methods to achieve your goals. Again, communicating this goal in a specific manner will help you get great quotes from specialists willing and able to do the job. For example, instead of “improve my social media presence;” try using phrases like “increase my number of followers on Facebook and Instagram.”

Be realistic – Having a realistic expectation of the time, resources, and focus it takes to accomplish the job is going to help you tremendously when searching on Thumbtack. Knowing the value of the services that are provided by a digital marketing specialist can arm you with the knowledge you need to choose the right quote as well as help you avoid overpaying in general. When you demonstrate that you have done the research you are often times going to attract an appreciative marketing professional willing to give you quality work. Here’s a great resource that shows detailed information on How To Determine Your Social Media Marketing budget.

Another thing to keep in mind about Thumbtack is that contractors and freelancers have to pay every time they make a quote in response to your request. That means they will be looking for requests that are reasonable and realistic based on your proposed budget. If you have a laundry list of social media needs across multiple platforms and also want your logo on customized Instagram images, you'll likely need to adjust your budget accordingly.


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