Social Media Marketing – The Top Three Reasons Why You Should Never Do it Yourself

There are many of you who are probably more than capable of completing some of the tasks necessary, but there are three really big reasons why you should never do it yourself when it comes to social media marketing.

Time – Like anything else of value, a robust and effective social media marketing plan takes a lot more time, energy and effort than you may think. Social media marketing specialists spend a lot of time making sure to create, curate, and schedule engaging content for your company which, when done correctly, should take quite a bit of time. From writing blogs to creating graphics for Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest - the task list for the person tasked to handle your social media marketing can quickly become overwhelming for the typical small business owner. As a business owner, entrepreneur, or project manager, you probably would agree that your time would be better suited tackling the everyday responsibilities to help your company grow and meet your goals. You simply do not have the time to spare and social media marketing specialists "get it."

Time permitting, take a look at the 26 unique responsibilities of a Social Media Manager listed on this article and ask yourself: do I really have time to do this? If you are considering having a friend, family member, or coworker take on the tasks in their spare time - keep in mind this is the job you would be delegating them to do. Using a competent social media marketing specialist or agency will help free up that time. It’s a full-time job and the amount of time required to make your social media marketing plan effective is one big reason why you should never do it yourself.

Focus – Social media marketing is more than just posting a few funny cat videos and a meme or two on Instagram every day. Even if your organization sells cat videos. Social media marketing considers your targeted audience, your budget, your organization's culture, and a host of other factors to ensure everything that is done is focused on building and maintaining your brand. Talented social media marketing experts have experience identifying a focused plan based on these factors to provide a customized solution for your organization. With the ever-changing landscape of the industry, rest assured your social media marketing professional will stay on top of relevant updates, technology, and trends so you don't have to do it yourself.

Resources – If social media marketing professionals are like a "Swiss Army Knife" you can imagine how many different tools and resources are required to get the job done. Social media marketing specialists need the access and the expertise to content curation and scheduling tools like Bundlepost and Hootsuite, photo editing programs to design graphics and infographics, the connectivity and technology to stay on top of social engagement real-time and networking and continuing education resources to keep up with the changing landscape of the industry. All of these resources come at a cost. Hiring a knowledgeable social media marketing professional with access to these valuable resources is another reason why you should never make social media marketing a DIY job.

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