Social Media Manners – When It’s Bad Form to Add Me To A Facebook Group

There are plenty of reasons to add me to your Facebook Group, however there are a few reasons why it is in extremely poor taste to add me. You can never have too many social media manners so here’s a few times when it is bad form to add someone to your Facebook Group.

When you haven’t asked – One of the easiest ways to get someone interested in your Facebook Group is to simply ask. In today’s day and age of fake news, spam, game requests, phishing, and identity theft, knowing that there is a real live person on the other end of any social media interaction is the first step. Asking to add a person to a group is the next step. Unsolicited attempts to add someone to your Facebook Group is really bad form if you haven’t asked. Like Jack Nicholson said in the movie A Few Good Men “You gotta ask me nicely.”

When I’ve left your group in the past – There’s a fine line between persistence and being pushy. Since leaving your group would require me to physically go through the two or three steps to do so, I probably will have the same level of disinterest (or more) the second time I find myself added to your group. If you find yourself adding me to your group more than once without asking, I’m just not into it.It’s not you. It's me. If you’re a group administrator, here’s a great resource on rules of engagement for Facebook group administrators.

When you’re just trying to sell something - There’s an age-old adage in sales that still rings true no matter what kind of product or service you provide. People buy into you a lot quicker than they buy into what you are selling. If you are transparent, empathetic, charismatic, and a genuinely nice person, most people are typically a lot more willing to listen to your sales pitch because we love to buy from people and organizations we like. It’s extremely bad form to blindly add me to your Facebook Group when you haven’t taken the time to get to know me or given me the chance to get to know you. Social media marketing is all about establishing and growing relationships to strengthen your brand so you’re probably better off investing time getting to know me first. If you’re not interested in me as a person and I’m just another lead, it’s definitely bad form to add me to your Facebook group.

When content is explicit, obscene, or pornographic – Imagine how embarrassed you would feel if a family member or spouse was to look over your shoulder while you was on Facebook and saw something explicit or obscene. Or if you were at your place of employment, which has a strict policy governing Internet usage, and you were added to a group that uses explicit language, memes, and videos. There are innumerable scenarios that can play out that could leave myself or someone I respect and care about very offended, so if your group has that type of content it would be unwise to add me.

With adding people being just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media, there are a few other things you can do to show good etiquette on Facebook. Check out this great article on that contains a lot of great tips to be a well mannered Facebook citizen.

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