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Powers Digital Marketing was founded in 2012 by Amber Powers. The business began with small social media marketing clients. Within a year, more established and medium sized businesses and schools started coming to her with their digital marketing needs. Business grew quickly and she brought Darren on board in November of 2014 to begin working in the areas of graphic design and copyrighting.

Earlier in 2014, Powers Digital Marketing was contracted by a travel club startup company. It was here that we really started to blossom and grow our hospitality business. The client was thrilled with our digital marketing strategy as well as our execution. As usually happens in terms of digital marketing, it started with new likes and follows on social media platforms. It then turned into engagement with the client’s audience. Ultimately, it turned into more people saying yes and purchasing group excursions.

Once our team was bitten by the hospitality bug, there was no turning back. We love marketing for hotels, resorts, cruise ships, independent and small airlines. While our primary client market are independently owned resorts and hotels, we are well equipped to work for large corporate chains as well. Anyone in business knows the benefits of hiring a contractor vs hiring a large team that your business has to manage (and pay benefits for).

As part of our hospitality market, we are also frequently contacted by museums, restaurants, theme parks, spas and other attractions. If all parties agree, we’re often able to cross-market so as to reach the audiences of each other’s business.

Hospitality Standard

Digital Marketing Package
$ 4200*** Monthly
  • 5 posts weekly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+
  • 1 monthly Linkedin ad with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 2 monthly Facebook ads with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 4 monthly SEO friendly blogs
  • 1 monthly email newsletters
  • 20 branded images and/or graphics monthly

Hospitality Deluxe

Digital Marketing + Photography + Videography
$ 5400*** Monthly
  • 5 posts weekly on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google+
  • 1 monthly Linkedin ad with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 4 monthly Facebook ads with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 4 monthly SEO friendly blogs
  • 2 monthly email newsletters
  • 20 branded images and/or graphics monthly
  • 1 weekly YouTube video upload

Hospitality Starter

Digital Marketing Package
$ 3300*** Monthly
  • 5 posts weekly on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+
  • 1 monthly Linkedin ad with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 2 monthly Facebook ads with ad spend TBD by client*
  • 2 monthly SEO friendly blogs
  • 1 monthly email newsletters
  • 20 branded images and/or graphics monthly

* Building Ads are a part of the client’s monthly agreement. Monthly ad spend budget is to be determined by client and is an additional expense. When amount for monthly ad spend is decided upon, it will be added into each client’s custom contract.

**Hospitality Clients often opt for our company to bring representatives out to their property to photograph and video the resort or hotel. During our stay there, we will set up times to interview staff members, including chefs, hosts/hostesses, concierge, front desk and housekeeping. We will also bring media releases if the property does not have them available. As such, we will interview willing guests that would like to be a part of resort/hotel’s marketing material. When we come on property, we stay for 1 week. During this time on property, we will collect enough pictures, content and (if selected) video to last 6 months.

Resort is responsible for hosting the staff of Powers Digital Marketing during our stay. Powers Digital Marketing will provide travel to and from the airport and cost of airfare.

All contracts run 6 months in length as a trial run. After 6 months, contract auto renews with a yearly renewal from that point forward.

Retainer fee equal to one month is required at time of signing. All invoices are billed one month in advance. Clients that are able to pay entire contracted amount up front will receive a 10% discount.

***Photography/Videography quote sent separately. Client will be billed expenses for travel and will be asked to provide accommodations. If accommodations can not be provided at client’s property, client will also be billed for accommodations for our team.

Our most popular and most impact package we offer is our Hospitality Standard Plus package. We are so excited to offer this to our clients because it makes such a difference in the impact it makes in digital marketing. With the Hospitality Standard Plus Package, we fly select team members to your location. This team will have a full schedule while they’re on location. Our photographer/videographer will capture your guests’ most joyful moments with their families. We’ll video interviews and short 30 second videos of your property to use on social media and blogs at a later time. We’ll photograph the exquisite food that your chefs prepare day in and day out for your guests.

We will also have Darren and/or Kristine join us on our visit. They will be responsible for conducting interviews with chefs, hostesses, front desk personnel, concierge, housekeeping and management. We’ll also have guests sign media releases so we can use their testimonials, guest interviews and photos/videos. When we get back to our office in Florida, Darren will begin branding your photography and creating your branded graphics. Darren and Kristine will work together to write 5-star content for your blogs, social media and email newsletters.

If your company is in need of web design or redesign, we absolutely offer these services. If you need this service, please advise your salesperson and we’ll add that to your contract. If Powers Digital Marketing will be responsible for writing copy for your website, we will also include our web developer and designer on this trip to ensure we capture every aspect of your property.

This package is designed to take the stress away from the owner and/or director. Anyone in the business knows it’s hard enough just to keep a business running. Having to manage an entire team of marketers, answer their questions, field their ideas, keep them current on changes in the industry. We will literally gather 6 months (one full contract) worth of content, so the only reason you’ll need to reach out to us is to do our monthly touch base or to share with us any last minute events that need to make it to you blog, email or social media.

We are so excited to bring our creative digital minds to your business. Let Powers Digital Marketing be the marketing agency that makes all the difference for your company.

Our passion at Powers Digital Marketing is seeing your business grow. If you are anything like many of the other clients we work with, you have plenty of resources but time is not one of them. We want to learn what makes your company tick because that is exactly what is going to make it flourish.

At Powers Digital Marketing, we take the time to get to know you and your business. We learn what’s important to you and more than that – what’s important to your audience. That one difference is THE difference.

Our goal is to keep your business’ name at the forefront of your audience’s mind. Our marketers are not just about posting on social media – but engaging your audience so they felt heard and understood. Powers Digital Marketing carefully constructs competitive and transparent pricing.

Each and every client has a consultation where we collect information on you, your business, your current marketing strategy and your goals. This is how we effectively market your brand.

Privacy Policy: We’ll keep it simple. Our site does use cookies. We do send emails when you give us your email address. We do not sell your information. 3rd party companies are listed on our site and in certain circumstances, we are paid to list those companies. We’re ethical – because we expect the same from companies we do business with.