Why were we chosen

Who knew that a Port St Lucie Digital Marketing Agency would have been selected as one of the top 100 content marketers in the US? We don’t know the exact criteria used to select the top 100 content marketers in the US, but here’s what we do know. Express Writers used information compiled by Buzz Sumo to come up with this list. They wanted to compile a list that consisted of the marketing giants as well as the smaller agencies like ours. They also wanted a fair representation of genders. It doesn’t matter. We’re flattered.

What does being a great content writer look like?

Content writing is also known as copy writing. It is an art form when done properly. The person that creates it knows how to capture the reader’s attention, how to craft visually appealing copy that keeps readers’ eyes moving down the screen. They’re typically epic storytellers – which is what pulls at the heartstrings of others. Any client that works with me will tell you one thing: “She’s relentlessly asking us for personal stories.” Our Port St. Lucie Digital Marketing Agency would be happy to create content for your business.

How do you distribute content?

As an agency, we concentrate on 5 main distribution channels for our content marketing.

  1. We write social media copy.
  2. We write email copy. (HTML template design is a different service.)
  3. We blog for SEO. (You provide keywords, we use them.)
  4. We write website copy.
  5. We also do traditional marketing content (the writing portions of flyers, tri-folds, pamphlets, brochures, etc.)

I want to work with you!

I want to work with you too! Well, I might want to work with you. Let’s chat first and then we’ll figure out a plan that fits in your budget. Contact us by clicking here and we’ll be in touch!