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Success – the best form of revenge

Pickles and Customer Service

If you didn’t know before – now you do:  I’m an avid local supporter.  I absolutely adore seeing small, local...

Your Beliefs are What Can and Should Lead Your Company

I couldn’t begin to summarize this – I plan on watching it multiple more times myself.  Enjoy!

To Hash… Or Not To Hash… THAT Is The Question.

I recently saw a question posed about whether or not an established business should be using hash tags as part...

Your Achilles Heel Needs To Be Broken!

Once upon a time, a business acquired a client.  This business acquired this client because potential was seen, but many...

One Time Marketing? Not So Much.

“Bring Your Passion With You…. But Never, Ever Follow It.”

Ready, Set, Network!

You’ve decided you’re ready.  No time like the present.  It’s time to put yourself out there and start rubbing elbows...

I Have to Choose between Email and Social Media? … No.

I’ve heard some marketing gurus say that email is soon going to be the dead language of the marketing world....

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