Tristan Davis

Tristan Davis Photographer Videographer (Photograper, Videographer)

I started my professional career after attending college for photography in 2006. What I love most about photography is capturing moments and beauty in things we don't normally see. I love all types of photography, but I have to say underwater is my favorite. It gives me such an adrenaline rush being underwater and seeing the beauty that comes from shooting beneath the surface. Working with commercial and hospitality clients has also been a great experience because we have been able to capture their dreams and see their creations come to life behind the camera. I feel we are most creative and inspired by capturing the amazing spaces and products people have created.

I have lived in Florida all my life and have always had a love for photography and being underwater. I have joined forces with my best friends to create images for commercial spaces as well as products. The 3 of us love the water which is why we are such a good fit. We are all freedivers and yogis which has brought us together in the most amazing way. We all love to travel and photograph what inspires each of us individually. The unique thing about us is we are a model/photography team and can provide more services depending on your needs.