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Amber Powers

Amber Powers - President of Powers Digital Marketing (President)

Growing up, if you were to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wouldn’t have been able to answer you. I was the kid that was tested for learning disabilities in school because I wasn’t performing only to learn that I was gifted – but unchallenged. I was bored. That remained true throughout my middle and high school days as well. Only in college did I put myself in classes that challenged me and allowed me to see that I have a creative side.

While in college, I found a small family owned company that saw my potential and hired me to work with their growing company. At first, it was more an executive assistant role. As I did more work and they saw my competence and creativity, they created a new position for me: Marketing Director. Soon after, I finished my degree in Business and their company continued to grow. It was working with that company that my love for travel started. I explored places I never dreamt possible as I traveled for work – and for pleasure.

I have since successfully run a Digital Marketing company for 5 years. Our company has taken on clients in many different industries, but our passion is travel. I love nature. I love history. I love different languages and different cultures. If I’ve learned one thing through my experience in marketing, it’s this: when you’re passionate about something, you promote it well. I’ve hired a staff of people that are equally as passionate about travel. All of that passion will come across in the way we market your business, from your website to your Tweets.