How Do I Guarantee My Facebook Posts Will Be Seen?


I'm asked often, "How do I guarantee my Facebook posts will be seen?" That's a great question and one that Facebook changes on us - except in one circumstance.

Facebook's most recent algorithm change will impact businesses across the board. That is, unless you have hundreds to thousands of dollars to throw at advertising campaigns. And even still, you get a big, fat question mark.

So, How Do I guarantee My Facebook Posts Will Be Seen? There's no guarantee. There are, however, easy and simple ways to direct your audience to see your posts more frequently if they value your content.

The video above tackles 2 issues.

How do people in my GROUP see the content I publish?

The easiest way is just to share this blog. The video literally walks them through step by step how to make sure they change their settings so YOUR content is seen (and everyone else in the group too.)

  • Go to whichever group it is that you want to change settings
  • Just below the cover photo, you'll see "Joined" "Notifications", etc...
  • Click on Notifications.
  • Select "All Posts."

These seemingly insignificant steps make a world of difference in terms of being seen and heard in groups... AND The other people in your group want to be and feel seen/heard as well. This is the easiest and best solution.

How do people who have liked my business page get seen?

This is the one we're all really struggling with. How do I get people who have liked my page to actually see my content? #ThanksFacebook. You really jacked this one up for all of us.

There's still a work around, but it won't work 100% of the time.

Again, sharing this video to the people who like your page is the best way to get people to change their settings. Or you can make your own... or even blog about it. And so, here are some steps for your audience to follow in order to change their settings on YOUR business page:

  • Navigate to your business page
  • Just beneath the cover photo, you'll see "Liked", "Following", etc...
  • Click on "Following."
  • Select "See First."

What will happen when followers select "See First" is that when they refresh their timeline, anything new that you've posted will show up at the top of their timeline. Now, there's one hitch: Each person is allowed 30 "see firsts." Those can be used on notifications from friends or it can be used for Business Pages. Once those 30 are used up, they're done.

And so, this concludes "How Do I Guarantee My Faceboook Posts Will Be Seen?" Stay tuned for more tips and tricks!

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