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Tips to Improve Your Digital Hospitality Marketing Strategy in Less Than 30 Minutes Per Day 

In order for your hospitality company to compete in today's crowded digital marketing landscape, your hospitality marketing strategy must keep your social media platforms buzzing. If you have not hired a digital marketing specialist to engage your social media followers, you can do things to help. Here at Powers Digital Marketing, we're all about brand building. So we came up with 4 powerful tips for you that will only take 30 minutes per day.  They will help you boost your followers, engage your audience, and organically get the word out about your hospitality brand.  Let's get started.

1) Follow Influencers on LinkedIn - (5 minutes) 

First, how can you stay on top of trending tourism and hospitality topics? What is an easy way to spark blog idea topics and new connections in the travel industry? The answer is simple: industry influencers. Just look for and follow industry influencers in LinkedIn on a daily basis. Take 5 minutes per day to log into LinkedIn and find 2-3 new influencers in the industry. After a few weeks, your feed will be full of relevant content you can share, promote, and engage in. Trust me it will pay off tenfold after a few months. So the next time you are waiting for your morning coffee, log in and look for industry influencers. If you don't know where to start, here's a great article on a few influencers who are crushing it!

2) Find Popular Hospitality Hashtags on Instagram (10 minutes) 

Next, you want to get your Instagram images in front of as many followers as possible. Let's say you want to post images of a brand-new amenity at your property. Maybe you are opening a new spa and want to make sure as many followers as possible see it. Instead of coming up with a catchy hashtag like #spalife or #brandnewspa, find the popular hashtags. You may find those catchy hashtags you want to use only reach a few thousand Instagram users. While, at the time of writing this blog, the tag #spa had 8.5 million posts and #massage had 3.6 million. Quite a big difference. Researching relevant Instagram hashtags will have a significant impact on your social media marketing efforts. Simply type different hashtags in the search field and find some with the largest amount of posts. So, the next time you find yourself on a long line running errands, grab your smartphone and do a little marketing research while you wait! 

3) Post a 60-second video on Facebook (10 minutes) 

The secret sauce to any effective social media marketing campaign is to captivate your audience. Get their undivided attention and keep them coming back. A short video clip is the most effective way to keep your followers entertained. Your audience wants to know you and your story and there's no easier way to do that than a brief video clip. If you cannot hire professional videographers to create high-quality video for your marketing campaigns, you are in luck! Today's smartphones are usually good enough to make a small, low fuss clip for Facebook. Because Facebook's algorithms put a premium on video content over text only or image only posts, posting an engaging 60-second video is the way to go.

Keep the subject matter simple one or two bullet points.  Pick a scenic and quiet place to shoot and include your name and business name on each clip. Using the spa example from earlier, how great would it be to give your followers a sneak peek behind the scenes clip? Every day you could show your followers its progress and a countdown to your grand opening! Do a few "takes" which should take you about 5 minutes. Then take another 5 minutes to review because you want to make sure you post the best one! Here's an awesome article with more details on how to make great Facebook videos for free!

4) Engage your followers on Twitter (5 minutes) 

Engagement is a two-way street. Another great way to connect is to interact with your followers daily. Twitter, the digital media superhighway as we call it, lets you know what is important to your audience and influencers in real time. So commenting, liking, and sharing content daily is important. The key is to be sincere, selective, and respectful. There's no bigger "turn off"  than someone who comments on an unrelated post just for views. It is ineffective, in poor taste, and will most likely damage your branding rather than helping it grow. Take 5 minutes per day, to find one or two relevant tweets on Twitter that really speak to you and your audience.  

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