Five Great Ways To Donate To Charity Without Giving Money

There are some great ways to support your favorite charities that do not require giving money. We were inspired to do this blog because Amber (President of Powers Digital Marketing) does the booking for Peter Shankman's keynote speaking gigs. He recently gave his airline miles to fly people home for the holidays that couldn't otherwise afford it. Giving something to someone less fortunate than you just feels good and it doesn’t always have to equate to giving cash. If you find yourself yearning for a way to support your local charity but you do not have the cash on hand to do so financially, here are three great ways you can help.

Donate Your Time – Even the most cash abundant charities find themselves at a loss when it comes to having enough hands to help out. Donating your time to your favorite local charity many times is more invaluable than donating money. Whether you donate your time to help build a home through Habitat For Humanity, donate your time to help mentor at an organization like Trusted Mentors to help reduce recidivism and homelessness, or donate your time to your local food pantry or soup kitchen, the time will be greatly appreciated and used immediately. Besides, the hands-on experience of helping your fellow man face to face just feels better.

Donate Your Services – This is an excellent way to support your local charity in lieu of donating cash. Let's say you are a graphic designer and would like to support a local charity but you are strapped for cash. One thing you can do is reach out to your favorite charity and offer to provide a specific graphic design service like designing a flyer or newsletter. If you're a photographer there are probably a ton of charities that emphasize employment initiatives that you can help by providing free headshots. Whatever your particular industry is, think of the valuable services you provide each and every day and look for opportunities to regularly donate those services to help the less fortunate. You'll know you helped a great cause and provided an invaluable service to people or organizations that otherwise would not be able to afford it.

Donate your Unused Gift Cards – There was once a time where I looked through my apartment and found an excess of $300 worth of unused gift cards. From gift cards received as birthday gifts to unused gas cards won at work for sales contests, I was able to find a substantial amount without spending a dime. According to recent reports by the National Retail Federation, approximately $1 Billion of the $130 Billion worth of gift cards sold yearly go unused. Take a look around the house, in your car, in old Holiday and birthday cards. You may find a great donation you can bring to your local charity. Try to think outside the box.

Share, Like & Comment on Social Media – Getting the word out on social media about your favorite local charity is another way you can help support without donating money. Every time you share, like, and comment on your favorite charity’s social media accounts, you help boost interest within your own circle of influence as well as improve their chances of going viral. The more engagement your charity can get on social media the more people online will see the cause. Imagine if every one of your friends on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter saw and shared information on a local charity. Engagement on social media is a great way to support your local charity without donating money.

Donate Children’s Toys & Clothes – Now that your holiday shopping is over, you’ll probably have a lot of extra boxes from Amazon and some gently used clothes and toys your kids have outgrown. Rather than breaking the boxes down and overwhelming the garbage man or keeping Goodwill items in the trunk of your car for months, you can now take care of both at once. Goodwill and Amazon have teamed up for the free Give Back Box platform which enables you to fill up those empty Amazon boxes with toys, clothes, books, and household items. Simply print the free shipping label from, affix to the boxes and UPS or the United States Postal Service will get them to Goodwill.

It doesn't take a lot of effort or money to do something. The problem is that many think it does and so - they do nothing. I would venture to guess that at least 90% of us can do one of the things mentioned in this list. If all of us do something, that's when change happens.

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