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At Powers Digital Marketing, we pride ourselves on bringing on empowered talent. We hire people that work well on their own without instruction. We trust our employees to do what they do well because that’s all they’ve shown us in the past. Since we all feel empowered to do the best work we possibly can, it makes for a very synergistic work environment. It also allows all of us to come up with our best creative work. At the end of the day, our clients choose us because we come up with creative, innovative marketing strategies and we follow through with impeccable execution of those strategies.


Merilyn McGonigal

Content Writer

Brandon Wright Web Design SEO
Brandon Wright

Web Design, SEO, App Dev

Polina Osherov


Darren Hartley Journalist Graphic Designer
Darren Hartley

Journalist, Graphic Designer

Amber Powers - President of Powers Digital Marketing
Amber Powers


We are a 6 person team. Together, we bring experience working with Fortune 500 hundred companies, writing for Huffington Post, Writing for Billboard Magazine and more. From our sales person to our web designer to the President of the company, we have over 100 years of experience in our respective fields. We all love what we do and we’re good at it. We’re not just tooting our own horn. Our clients have plenty of good things to say about us as well! Don’t believe us? Look for yourself.

While we do specialize in doing marketing for the hospitality industry, we will absolutely work with most other industries as well. We do short term event marketing to long term ongoing marketing for hotels, resorts and other businesses. Regardless of industry, in the end, we find it’s all about listening to our clients. We start by listening to their needs and their business goals. From there, we have multiple conversations about what’s happening at their business. This allows us to really get a feel for the personality of the business and the people running it and it also allows us to build a comprehensive marketing strategy. We try to use the voice of the business as we market to their audience. There’s nothing worse than inauthentic marketing.

We look forward to making your business yet another satisfied client of Powers Digital Marketing. Leave your marketing needs in our hands and our hope is that you’ll be singing our praises to other business owners. Referrals are the highest praise we can receive and we look forward to proving you results that make it easy for you to refer us to others.