Our Story

Powers Digital Marketing believes that the voices of heart-centered brands can and should be expressed consistently through intuitive and insightful copywriting.

We believe that authenticity rules in today’s marketplace. Whether working with us to create bespoke marketing campaigns and content, or working with one of our marketing and branding coaches – we start with authenticity. Authentic brands lead to loyal customers that refer friends and family – and we love everything about that.

Powers Digital Marketing Agency Fueling Businesses Corporations Organizations NonProfits Social Media Copywriting Branding Brand Messaging Web Design Web Development
Powers Digital Marketing Agency Fueling Businesses Corporations Organizations NonProfits Social Media Copywriting Branding Brand Messaging Web Design Web Development

Brand messaging is important to all aspects of your marketing. Our Founder, Amber Powers, decided to specialize in brand messaging because a brand’s story should be at the heart of the company. A brand messaging guide dictates the core from which the company operates… from how they treat employees to how they show up for their clients, customers, and the world at large.

The brand messaging guide we provide will direct you, your marketing team, marketing consultant, or freelancer to build marketing campaigns, social media strategies, website copy, landing pages, webinar scripts, and email marketing with seamless consistency across all platforms.

64% of women and 68% of men have felt an emotional connection with a brand. (Consumer Thermometer)

59% of shoppers prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust. (Invesp)

The Humans Behind Powers Digital Marketing


Our Mission

Powers Digital Marketing is a digital marketing agency committed to providing creative solutions for businesses. We deliver long-term brand success by leveraging transparent communication and building heart-centered relationships which help businesses find their ideal clients and customers.

Core Values


Your business longevity depends on a profitable bottom line. We practice relationship building at the core of all of our marketing strategies. Building trust through transparency and authenticity equates to long-term brand success.


We have a commitment to innovatively finding sustainable solutions for our business and our homes. We also are committed to sharing easy ways to step into a more sustainable way of living with our audience.

Transparent Communication

Communication is paramount to us at Powers Digital Marketing, which is why we pride ourselves on direct, but kind communication.


We understand that to be seen, brands have to find a way to stand apart from the rest. Our heart-centered client base seeks us as their brand and copywriting agency of choice because we take the initiative to creatively and accurately build a brand that draws each client’s ideal audience.


Authenticity and speaking from the heart are imperative in today’s market. Gone are the days of pushy sales and cold marketing techniques. Our goal will always be to organically deliver to your audience the experience they can expect from your business in a way that makes your brand feel approachable and authentic.


It is important to us that every voice be heard, whether on a team we’re working with for branding or on our own internal team. Diversity is what makes our world a beautiful one and it has become a breeding ground for creativity in our company.