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3 Reasons To Use An Outsourced Marketing Service

Many people ask us why they don’t just hire someone in-house to take care of their social media marketing. Then there are those whose 14-year-old cousin approached them and told them not to spend money on social media marketing because they can do it for “way less.” That brings me to my first point.



Why not just create a job opening and hire a Digital Marketing Director? One you can manage – hire someone you can see every day? Here’s why: $60,000 plus benefits – an average of $18,000 in the competitive marketplace. $78,000. How far could $78,000 take your company? And that’s just one salary – the director’s. Oh, by the way… I know you’re expecting 8 hours a day minimum, but the truth is – you’re going to get less than than out of an individual. Forbes says, “…Of employees between the ages of 18 and 35, approximately 73 percent reported spending time inappropriately at work on a daily basis.”

Now, let’s look at outsourcing. Generally speaking, you have an account manager which handles every aspect of all things digital. Your account manager may handle all of the work or he/she may contract some aspects out – but regardless, YOU, as the business owner or manager, don’t have 10 people tugging on your pant leg asking for approvals.

Who is that person that’s reporting to you, anyway? Chances are, he or she is an entrepreneur. Allow me to be the first to tell you that they hype is NOT true. Not always at least. Entrepreneurs are not all disorganized messes of people. I can speak for all entrepreneurs in my circle when I say, “we like to eat.” If we want to eat, we need to get paid. If we want to get paid, we have to make sure our clients are getting their deliverables… and on time. We also want that client to tell other business owners about us. We’re gluttons, the lot of us. 🙂



Going back to the initial paragraph – you know… where your uncle’s 1st cousin, once removed can do the same job that a professional can. Let me start there and tell you that first and foremost: He can’t. The reason outsourcing companies charge thousands of dollars is because they have the years of experience behind the people that are managing your accounts.

So, what exactly does experience mean? It means marketing experience. It means learning the ins and outs of how you can target your demographic using Facebook Ads Creator instead of just boosting a post to a very general audience. It means people have gone through training and years of experience to figure out what marketing strategy works for which clients.

I had a school superintendent tell me that he’s just going to have his secretary take over his school corporation’s social media efforts. Another school told me they were going to have PARENTS run their social media. Any social media marketer reading this just gasped. That’s like the equivalent of a HIPAA violation in a medical facility. If you’ve ever managed a school’s social media presence, you know there’s a lot of personal student information received either through direct messages/private messages or even ridiculous things you don’t want the public to see that needs to be deleted. With a quickness.

I can’t speak for all outsourcing companies, but I can tell you that if we’re not sleeping – if our phone gets notification that a client’s account has a message – we do our best to answer it immediately. We live in an instant gratification society and your audience expects quick responses to their questions/comments. We make sure that happens.



You might or might not know that people that are experienced in digital marketing are highly sought after. That means you might have the latest, greatest working right in your office but chances are – it won’t be for long. We don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news. That’s just the way the digital world works. All that work you put in to transferring knowledge to the latest greatest is now toast because they’ve been swooped up by the latest, greatest company. Why? Because the market is hot. Who can blame them for wanting to climb the corporate ladder.

Remember when I said entrepreneurs like to eat? It’s true. We do our best to please our clients and if they’re not pleased – we go out of our way to fix that. Why? Repeat :|| We like to eat. We like to pay our mortgages… but beyond that, many of us are driven to compete against ourselves and see how we can outdo our work from the previous month or year. That means instead of you trying to keep us, it’s the other way around. We’re working our tails off to ensure you, our client, is pleased.

The long and the short of it is simple enough. Entrepreneurs take care of their own continuing education. Your company doesn’t have to spot flights, rental cars, education costs on top of salary and benefits. We stay up to date on what’s current because that’s our job… And we love doing it. A happy client means a return client and that’s what we’re counting on.

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