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Hospitality Marketing – 10 Signs You Should Invest In It

10 Ways to Tell You Need Hospitality Marketing

Hospitality marketing, when done effectively, can help your company stand out in the crowded field of travel and tourism. The question is are you investing enough in it? Here are 10 warning signs to watch out for that can help you know when it is time to invest more resources.

10) Low website traffic

A key indicator you need hospitality marketing is low traffic to your website. Low website traffic can be symptom of insufficient social media campaigns that are not generating the results you need. It also may be an indicator of poor search engine optimization (SEO) that is impacting your rankings on search sites like Google. When customers are not visiting your website, it may be time to invest in a professional who can find the root cause.

9) Low engagement on social media

If you are posting content on social media platforms and not getting engagement, it is definitely time to direct resources to a fix. According to a report by global social media agency We Are Social, 48% of Americans have interacted with companies on via social media. If you are active on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat and your audience is not responsive, this can be an indication that something is wrong. Click here for more digital media reporting from We Are Social. 

8) Old customers aren’t coming back

Have you noticed your loyal customers are not returning? Seems like you may have opportunity to leverage social media solutions to re-engage and revitalize those relationships. According to We Are Social reporting, a whopping 6 out of 10 Americans feel that customer service via social media has made it easier service resolutions.

Investing resources to monitor your social media platforms for customer service issues is key to improving customer experience today. Prompt escalation and resolution can not only improve customer loyalty with your old customers, but show potential customers what kind of service they can expect.

7) New customers don’t know you

The most successful brands are the ones that are easily identifiable and memorable. One sign you definitely need to invest in your hospitality marketing is a lack of new customers. Customers don’t just want to know your logo and tagline. They want to know your story. They want to know what values your travel company holds near and dear. Finally, new customers  want to be familiar with your company culture, employee milestones and engagements and your personal passions.

6) You are not active on major platforms

Everyone wants modern and shiny. Imagine decorating the lobby of your hotel or resort with furniture and not updating it regularly. What message would that send to your guests about the rest of your services? Well inactivity on social media gives guests the same impression.

Being inactive on the major social media platforms is akin to having dust collecting on the furniture. It sends a message to today’s consumer that your organization is either not open for business or not modern enough to take the important details of hospitality management seriously. Therefore, if you notice you are not regularly active on  your social media accounts, invest resources to do so.

Powers Digital Marketing provides comprehensive packages that can keep your social media platforms regularly buzzing with fresh content. If you are strapped for cash right now, have no fear. We’ve also put together tips that can help you whip your social media marketing into shape in less than 30 minutes per day. 

5) You use “Do It Yourself” Hospitality Marketing

Listen, don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of business owners who have the ability to take care of their hospitality marketing and juggle the rest of their workload. But let’s be honest. This is not an efficient use of your time or talents.

Writing SEO friendly blogs, retouching photos, creating Instagram posts, responding to tweets and Facebook posts, and running effective social media ad campaigns is a full-time job. It is also an undertaking that requires undivided attention to real-time posts and updated industry standards. Unless your business is a scaleable operation with a very limited audience – and you have about 6-8 hours free each day – you need to have your digital media marketing delegated to a dedicated resource.

4) Slow shoulder seasons

Those of us in tourism live and breathe for our peak seasons. It is really what gets our adrenaline pumping!  But if your shoulder season comes to an abrupt halt instead of simply slowing down, this could mean your brand doesn’t stand out.

Many tourist areas are booked solid during peak season, but what makes your brand stand out amongst the rest during shoulder and off peak seasons? If you aren’t putting that information out in blogs, emails and social channels, that’s a sign. Show your audience why they should choose your hotel, resort, or spa during the off season.

3) Lack of original content

If you find yourself scouring stock photo websites every time you post a graphic on Instagram, it may be time to beef up your own original content. Part of your audience getting to know you can be accomplished by using your own images, blog posts, and e-mail newsletters.

Original content, especially videos, is a great way to to get engagement on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. If you cannot afford a professional photographer, no problem. Just configure your smartphone for the highest quality output settings. Adobe Express is a great photo editing app you can use to color correct on the fly.

2) You want a broader market

There’s nothing wrong with keeping it local. However, if your business wants to reach a broader audience, hospitality marketing is the way to go. A digital marketing professional can design Facebook ads specifically targeting your demographic and bring to your business.

1) You notice your competitors are

There is no bigger indicator to invest in your hospitality marketing than knowing your competition is doing so. It is no secret that the landscape of social media has reshaped how to attract, engage, and retain audiences in travel and tourism. If you notice competitors and industry influencers investing time, energy, and money in their hospitality marketing, you cannot afford to wait.


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